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Local in the Know: Judy and Maureen from The Islander Noosa Resort

Tell us a secret only a local would know:
Kenilworth National Park is worth visiting.
What is your favourite time of year on the coast and why?
Autumn, as the weather is perfect.
What do you do to relax on the Sunshine Coast? 
Early breakfast at Moondoggy's Cafe Bar followed by a drive into the hinterland.
When friends and family come and stay, what do you recommend for them to do during their stay on the Sunshine Coast?
Breakfast at Moondoggy's Cafe Bar then a drive out to Boreen Point with lunch off the spit at the Apollonian Hotel. Afternoon back to Noosaville to relax along the Noosa River foreshore.
What is the your favourite aspect about living on the coast?
Relaxed lifestyle and the freedom from big city-stress.
What is your idea of a perfect day spent on the Sunshine Coast from dawn to dusk? 
Bushwalking through the national parks.
What do guests love about your hotel?    
True Islander spirit. And they can relax without leaving the mainland.
Describe your hotel in five words:
The best facilities and location.
Provide us with a word picture of your hotel:
Tropical paradise. Stay on an island without leaving Australia.
What makes your hotel special?  
Location, location, location. It's a tropical paradise hidden away in the middle of Noosaville. No need for a car here!

The Islander Noosa Resort

187 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville, QLD 4566

P: 07 5440 9200
F: 07 5449 9358


Best of the Best

BEST BEACH: Noosa Main Beach
BEST BREAKFAST HAUNT: Moondoggy's Cafe Bar
BEST MARKET: Yandina Market
BEST EATERY: Bistro C, Noosa
BEST PARK: Noosaville Lions Park
BEST MILKSHAKE SPOT: Moondoggy's Cafe Bar
BEST SURF CLUB: Noosa Surf Club
BEST DRIVE: Out to Kin Kin and through the hinterland