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Local in the Know: Richelle Barker from Kansha Natural Therapies

Tell us a secret only a local would know: 

Last year I found that I could bike ride all the way from Noosaville to Peregian almost entirely on bike tracks with stunning views. It was like discovering a new adventure.

What is your favorite time of year on the coast and why?

Definitely winter. I love the clear days and cool nights, it's perfect for my kiwi blood.

What do you do to relax on the Sunshine Coast?

Stress relief after busy day: Beach volleyball at Peregian – physically challenging but heaps of fun. 

Relaxation: Early morning or evening walk on the beach. It's like a moving meditation sequence.

When friends and family come and stay, what do you recommend for them to do during their stay on the Sunshine Coast?

The iconic Noosa National Park walk to Hell's Gates, with some koala spotting along the way. Hire a boat or kayak and meander around the river. Or even better, a romantic evening gondola ride with a wine.

What is the your favorite aspect about living on the coast?

The beauty is free for everyone to enjoy.

What is your idea of a perfect day spent on the Sunshine Coast from dawn to dusk?

Quite simple really. A day with no set plans. Quality time with my husband Ian, going out for a relaxed breakfast or lunch, and letting the day unfold. Maybe a good book, some creative cooking,  a bit of exercise or a restorative afternoon siesta. At dusk, the sound of a New Zealand sauvignon blanc pouring in a glass is always a nice end to the day.     

What is your signature treatment?

Kansha is not a spa, but a treatment clinic with a spa ambiance. We don’t have a signature treatment, however we like to taylor treatments to the goals and needs of the client. 

Whether they require relaxation, pain relief, increased vitality or have specific issues relating to their wellbeing, we can use a variety of different modalities to restore a greater state of balance. Clients can choose from Chinese/Japanese acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, chiropractic, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, remedial, relaxation or aromatherapy massage.

What treatment would you recommend to guests visiting the coast?

Definitely start your holiday with a massage. There are so many benefits and it really sets the pace for your holiday. Also while on holiday it is a great time to pay attention to your body as you are away from the tempo of your daily lives. 

What sets Kansha apart?

We are a treatment clinic with a team of experienced and dedicated practitioners (acupuncturists, chiropractors ,masseurs). The clinic is a tranquil, ambient, Japanese- inspired space which allows the client to detach from the outside world, allowing optimal benefit from the treatments.

Describe Kansha Natural Therapies.

Nurturing, tranquil, dedicated, restorative, heart-centered. 

Kansha Natural Therapies

6 Mary Street, Noosaville, QLD 4566

P: 07 54730724
F: 07 54730754


Best of the Best

BEST BEACH: Depending on my mood, the calm of Noosa or Little Cove, or the wildness of Sunshine Beach.

BEST BREAKFAST HAUNT: New found love - Gaston. It's just off Hastings Street in Noosa.

BEST MARKET: Noosa Farmers' Market. Two minutes from home, fresh fruit and vegetables for the week, the best N.Z smoked salmon and olives. We are so blessed to have access to such quality local produce.  

BEST EATERY: Many  favorites but  I love Sirocco on Gympie Terrace. Beautiful Moroccan inspired flavours and a gorgeous view. They have amazing watermelon juice with mint and rosewater.

BEST PARK: Spoilt for  choice – All wonderful.

BEST FISH & CHIP SHOP: Stacey's at Noosaville for freshness and quality.