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Local in the Know: Jennifer from Studio4Gallery

Tell us a secret only a local would know:
There is a depth to our society on the Sunshine Coast that only a local would know. People with unusual expertise and knowledge who enrich our lives live here.
What better place to come for a beach holiday? But please, take the time to linger and enjoy the surprises. 

What do you do to relax on the Sunshine Coast?
Generally we enjoy an evening at some of the more casual restaurants, such as Bulli at Marcoola Beach or The Mezze Bar which is conveniently situated at The Town of Seaside. Both are very family friendly.
A day out with a very good friend, strolling around galleries and shops, and stopping for coffee is also a great treat.
When friends and family come to stay, what do you recommend for them to do during their stay on the Sunshine Coast?  
Go to the beach, enjoy the relaxed lifestyle, and see all of the unique tourist attractions.

What is the favourite aspect about living on the coast?
Friendly and relaxed lifestyle.

What is your idea of a perfect day spent on the Sunshine Coast from dawn to dusk? 
Sitting on the beach with my sketch pad, sipping iced coffees or scooping gelatos.

What do visitors love about your art gallery?
Generally our visitors love the intimacy of Studio4Gallery. Our little gallery with a big name is something of a tardis. The space is small but we some how manage to successfully display an amazing number of quality works, including 2D and 3D art pieces.
Jewellery which is hand crafted by local artists is a favourite with the ladies and is often given as gifts from the men in their lives.

Who are your favourite local artists? 
We love artists who persevere with their creativity against all of the difficulties that seem to be thrown at them. It is a great thrill to see their developing mastery of a particular chosen medium. The work expresses their spirit and enriches all who interact with it. It becomes a personal communication with the viewer.
For example, Kim Schoenberger’s sculpture and fine ceramics call on the spirit for their development. It is a pleasure for us to be surrounded by this work every day at our gallery.

Describe the art scene on the Sunshine Coast:
There are many such artists on the Sunshine Coast and in the Hinterland, and this makes for a dynamic art scene. The diversity of work is astounding.
The art world looks for strong community support to function. Interaction between all sections of the community adds richness to the many layers.

Who is the most popular artist of your gallery? 
We have many popular artists exhibiting at Studio4Gallery. Visitors often mention how they know an artist’s work, which is great. One of our goals as gallery directors is to assist artists in getting their work in to the public arena by giving them a little step up in their careers.
Heather Gall displayed her work in our gallery for our official opening in September 2010. Her many skills means that her work is quite diverse including the illustration of children's books. This was a very popular exhibition due to the variety of quality work.

What can visitors expect to experience at your art gallery?
Our gallery has a cool calming atmosphere on a hot summer’s day.
Visitors are always pleased to note that our exhibitions change regularly, which adds to their unique art experience. Artists can always be contacted if a favourite work has been removed from the gallery when our visitor would like a second look.
A complimentary coffee is always on offer for the visitor with time to sit and enjoy our deck.

Your love and appreciation of art came from?

Art has always been a subject of general discussion in our family. There has been a smattering of notable artists in our ancestry that we have always been proud of. My earliest memories are of always needing to be an artist.
Art is and always has been a focal point in my life. One of my great thrills is to travel to various cultures and to immediately check out the local art work.

Studio 4 Gallery

Shop 4/25 Seaside Boulevard, Marcoola, QLD 4564

P: 5457 0298


Best of the Best

BEST BEACH: Mooloolaba - It has a great mix of shops, cafés and a family friendly beach.

BEST BREAKFAST HAUNT: Twin Waters is a great place to meet up for a breakfast.

BEST MARKET: Cotton Tree

BEST EATERY: Ebb on Duporth Avenue.

BEST PARK: Looking forward to the completion of a new park at The Town of Seaside. It is nearly finished.

BEST ICE CREAMERY: Anything Gelato. Gelatissimo at Mooloolaba is a favourite.

BEST FISH & CHIP SHOP: Mooloolaba on The Spit.

BEST SURF CLUB: Mooloolaba

BEST HINTERLAND TOWN: Maleny for its great art spots.

BEST DRIVE: Glass House Mountains drive.