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Review - Everyone We Know

pepper - february 17

YOU HAVE BEEN BURSTING  at the seams all week waiting to pop that bottle of champagne. Friday 5pm ticks over and boom, pop… fizzle.
If hype always leads to disappointment, Thundamentals new album, Everyone We Know, is the exception.
After a three-year wait since their 2014 release of So We Can Remember, Everyone We Know is like a bottle of Moet on a Friday night. Soothing and chilled yet infectious and addictive.
The Aussie hip hop squad seamlessly combine radio-friendly hooks and festival-favourite bangers like Never Say Never and Think About It (Ft. Peta & The Wolves) with some thought-provoking lyrics and haunting themes found in Milk & Honey and Blue Balloons. 
Emotions are on the line as Blue Balloons dives into a true story of a young fan passing away, yet the vibe remains uplifting and surprisingly idyllic. 
Confident in their delivery while switching from verse to hook seamlessly, the boys from the Blue Mountains manage to find that sweet spot between easy-going beats and meaningful lyrics.
Thundamentals continue to produce the goods and, with or without knowing it, they are evolving Australian hip hop one album at a time.
Staying true to their rap roots while adding classic touches of Thundamental harmonies and infectious rhymes, Everyone We Know has something for everyone.
We just know it.
Available on iTunes for $16.99.