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Review - More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me

pepper - april 17

IT’S A CLASSIC CASE of don’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case, don’t judge a band by its title. 
The Smith Street Band may not be the most captivating or wicked band name, but their music makes up for that. 
Hop in, strap up and prepare yourself for an emotionally deep yet enriching ride down Smith Street with the band’s latest album, More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me. 
Don’t be scared. Sure lyrics are heavy and messages intense, but in true Smith Street style, slashes of humor with pop-infused choruses turn what could be a totally depressing time into a thought-provoking and inspiring sound.
Lead vocalist and songwriter Wil Wagner’s distinctive howl carves a picture of everyday anxieties and undignified sadness in songs like It Kills Me to Have to Be Alive and More Scared. 
Singing his own words with nothing but raw honesty, you can feel Wagner’s pain as he delves into daily battles of his own. 
“I am absolutely, infinitely more scared of you than you are of me,” he sings in Passiona.
A line delivered so powerfully and convincing, it earned itself the album’s title. 
But from the lowest of lows comes a turn you wouldn’t expect. Humorous bursts of upbeat sounds emerge in tunes like So Hamlet and Shine. 
Even Passiona captures the complicated feelings about broken relationships and personal failings, yet somehow manages to make you smile. It’s honest, humorous and brilliant on so many levels. 
Contradictory? Maybe.
The album goes from one extreme to the next like a hormonal teenager… but it’s relatable, raw and downright rad. 
Available on iTunes for $16.99. iTunes rated 4.5 stars.