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Review - Dance Academy: The Movie

pepper - april 17

DIRECTED BY JEFFREY WALKER (Jack Irish, Modern Family), Dance Academy: The Movie, follows the characters from ABCME’s hit teen drama as they continue to follow their dreams of becoming professional dancers.
Although dancers and lovers of dance will be thrilled by the detail, you don’t need to have seen the series or be an avid dance fan to appreciate the universal issues and complex relationships at play.
Tara Webster (Xenia Goodwin), having been told she would never dance again after breaking her back, now works as a waitress.
Living with her friend, Abigail (Dena Kaplan), a member of the corps de ballet in the country’s top company, dating hip hop dance teacher Christian (Jordan Rodriguez) and working at the Opera House means Tara is always on the outskirts of the dance world she bitterly misses.
A decision to get her life back as a dancer sees Tara take off to New York where she stays with her best friend Kat (Alicia Banit), the star of a popular children’s television show, who sometimes enjoys her celebrity status a little too much.
Tara attends classes and auditions for all the major companies, but what she really wants is to be noticed by Madeline Moncur (Miranda Otto).
Tara Morice and Mitchell Butel round out the adult cast with too-brief appearances. 
Dance Academy: The Movie is beautifully shot and features some impressive Australian talent.
This is one for the whole family, urging us to consider our dreams and the lengths we’re prepared to go to in order to make them come true. 
watch the trailer here. 
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