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Review - Wonder Woman

pepper - june 17

WITH A $300 MILLION GLOBAL OPENING weekend, Wonder Woman is the most successful female-led superhero film to date.
Starring Israeli actress, Gal Gadot (she’s funny and fiercely captivating) and directed by Penny Jenkins, this Wonder Woman is set to inspire a whole new generation.
Jenkins takes the iconic 1940s DC comic strip character off the page, and beyond the 7os television series starring Lynda Carter, to bring us a wonderful woman who is attractive, intelligent, compassionate, physically formidable and very funny. Hear her roar!
Before she became the superhero, she was Diana the huntress , headstrong, and in defiance of her mother, Hippolyte Queen of the Amazons (Connie Neilson), committed to training in combat with her aunt, Antiope (Robin Wright).
When Steve Taylor, a British spy (Chris Pine) threatens their peaceful existence by entering their world, Diana decides to leave with him to help end the War To End All Wars (WWI), which she believes she can do by defeating the God of War, Ares.
The iconic scene won’t disappoint; we watch in awe as Wonder Woman strides across no man’s land, deflecting bullets and clearing the way for the Allied troops behind her. Comparatively, the final battle between she and Ares is anticlimactic.
Wonder Woman is not the greatest film in terms of plot or character development (the female roles during the war years are underwritten and the end merely establishes grounds for a sequel), but thanks to the captivating Gadot and to Jenkins’ bold direction, it’s inspirational; a powerful reminder that strength, intelligence, courage, kindness, beauty, love and compassion need to be nurtured in our girls and to be seen to be valued.
Watch the trailer here.
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