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Review - Twin Peaks


IF YOU STUCK WITH IT FOR 18 HOURS , the long-awaited return of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks was worth it.
Like life, it didn’t tie up all the loose ends, but the real fans haven’t been disappointed.
The new Twin Peaks is non-linear, nostalgic,  heartbreaking, unsettling, supernatural, beautifully shot and scored, and so much weirder than the first time around.
In short, it’s everything we expected it to be. 
In 1990 you were either throwing parties with damn fine coffee and cherry pie or living in blissful ignorance of the American lumber town’s murder of its prom queen.
This time though, a quarter of a century later, it’s Ruth Davenport who’s been killed (and others besides).
Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) returns, possessed by Laura Palmer’s demon spirit murderer, Bob.
We only see the old Cooper in the red velour surrounds of the Black Lodge.
Sherilyn Fenn returns as Audrey Horne, Laura Dern as Dianne and Naomi Watts makes a convincing appearance as Janey-E. Amanda Seyfried breaks our hearts halfway through the series as Becky, the victim of violent domestic abuse. 
Twin Peaks is a rabbit hole of odd relationships, discomforting truths and moments of WTF.
The return is worth persisting with because it reminds us that the small comforts and moments of connection are what really matter, no matter what else is happening in our world.