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Review - George Maple

Pepper - November

Once upon a time there lived a budding Sydney-based singer by the name of Jess Higgs who soared into her career by joining forces with Flight Facilities to create Foreign Language. Now she sings an edgier and more sensual language. After a move to London, a name change and a whole lot of growing up, George Maple is all woman and she’s not afraid to show it. Maple’s latest album, Lover, is crafted for lovers in the club, or in the bedroom. Keeping her signature creamy vocals with a sexy twist, Lover is a 20-track series of intimate events, without the tackiness of an LA strip club. Although one of the tracks is actually titled LA Strip Club, Maple manages to strip back the vulgarity and amp up the sensuality leaving you feeling unapologetically empowered. From luscious vocals to pulsing beats, this album sounds like love feels. So, dim the lights, pour two glasses of vino and get lost in the intimacy vortex that is Lover. Available on iTunes for $16.99.