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Review - Gaga: Five Foot Two

pepper - October


DIRECTED BY CHRIS Chris Moukarbel, Gaga: Five Foot Two gives us a year of Gaga with out too much of the showbiz spectacle.
It reveals Gaga’s raw talent and her dedication to the creative process.
This is not just a behind-the-scenes look into the making of her album, Joanne, but a solid glimpse at life beyond the lens of the paparazzi. 
A handheld camera follows Gaga through her private rooms, the recording studios, a film set and a music video location before taking us backstage at the Super Bowl Half Time Show.
Gaga’s contagious energy and excitement can be felt at every moment, her genius in the recording studio and the affection and admiration she has for her team are obvious.
She speaks candidly about song writing, the comments Madonna has made about her (her response is priceless), and the men who hold the power in the music industry.
She meditates on fame, her insecurities, loneliness and guys.
We see her whole heart and soul go into her writing, recording and performing. 
Gaga is undeniably an inspiration, and this intimate look at her life is as real as a rockstar story gets, revealing the inner workings of the Gaga machine and redefining the rock doco genre.