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Touted as  one of the best indie-rock-pop albums of 2014, the self-titled ‘St. Vincent’ by eclectic artist Annie Clarke has been recently released in a deluxe edition with an extra five bone-rattling songs to add to this pandora’s box of delights. Clarke is a musician in the true sense, perfecting everything from her challenging lead guitar riffs and melodies, the creation of her own synth additions, and her ethereal vocals which put a specific unmistakeable stamp on her music. Prince Johnny will have you drifting into the heavens, Psychopath will have you bopping like you’re a teenager in your bedroom, while Pieta brings you thumping back to earth with its beats and base. St. Vincent is indefinable but infinitely enjoyable. 
review by libby munro
In the stunning French Alps, beautiful, sporty Swedish couple Tomas and Ebba take a short holiday to try to reconnect with each other, but when they are faced with an almost fatal avalanche they learn more about human nature than they can handle. Ebba grabs her children to protect them, while Tomas grabs his iPhone and runs. The family physically survive the incident, but the wounds left by Tomas’ behaviour continue to fester. Haunting, captivating, and intimately powerful, Force Majeure leaves viewers questioning the very nature of our instincts in circumstances beyond our control. 
review by libby munro
Zap away those winter shivers with a zing of ginger, spice, and of course, everything nice. Awaken your senses with these delightful winter warmers because winter is all about treating not teasing. Fancy a dark chocolate and rhubarb brownie? Yes please! Team that with a warming elemental blended tea or spark up the heat with a chilli-spice chai hot chocolate. Enough teasing? Get pleasing. Taste the mouth-watering goodies overlooking the beautiful Kondalilla Falls Valley. Available at Elements of Montville, 38 Kondalilla Falls Road, Montville. 5478 6212 or
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Have you spotted T-rex footprints on Peregian Beach? No, Jurassic Park hasn’t relocated to the coast, they’re most likely Kiko Ashiato animal footprint shoes (Ashiato means footprint in Japanese). Whether it’s footprints in the snow, dirt or sand, kids can make their mark in any language. Track down your adventurous little monkey, gecko, cat, owl or dinosaur for $39.95. Available at Evolve, 5/10 Grebe Street, Peregian Beach. 5448 2077 or
For a match made in taste heaven, pair Buderim Ginger’s iconic Ginger Beer with, well, pear. Let’s be honest, Buderim Ginger’s original Ginger Beer is a winner but teamed with the crispness of pear… That’s the real winner! Crafted like no other, Buderim Ginger uses only the freshest Australian ginger with no artificial colours or flavours. Gluten free and proudly made in Australia. Try it today from The Ginger Factory. $2.90 for 250ml. Available at The Ginger Factory, 50 Pioneer Road, Yandina. 5447 8431 or