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autumn 12

SALT TAKES A FRESH APPROACH to the powers that we use to experience the world. We look at items that evoke us to see, hear, smell, taste and touch and we’ve tossed in an extra just for fun – feel. 
This beautifully made, engrossing thriller delves deeply and bravely into the tense world of East Germany in 1984, a time when the secret police were all powerful and sought to know everything about everyone.
The Lives of Others peeks behind the iron curtain to give a glimpse of the suffocating atmosphere of a paranoid and tyrannical administration.
The unlikely hero of the film is Hauptmann Gerd Wiesler, a loyal and seemingly immovable captain in the secret police.
Wiesler is appointed to monitor the lives of a successful playwright and his girlfriend, a beautiful actress. 
As Wiesler is carrying out the surveillance he is swept up in the passionate lives of this glamorous couple and begins to shift his own motives and ideals. 
Compelling from start to finish, The Lives of Others is a story that manages to convey the impulse to create art, the importance of freedom of expression in society, and the frightening consequences of a totalitarian government. 
Oscar Winner – Best Foreign Film 2007.
Review by libby munro
No one could have predicted the longevity of this rocking duo, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, who formed The Black Keys in 2001, yet here they are on their seventh album with what is being touted worldwide as THE album of 2011 – El Camino.
As soon as you hit play and start tapping your feet to the catchy, fun, bouncing tune Lonely Boy you are taken on a wild freedom ride through a delicious combination of rock and roll, country and western, and rhythm and blues.
Composed mostly of thumping drums, great melodies, and a whole lot of attitude, it is best to turn the volume up and let the butt-shaking tempo take over. 
By the time you get to the final song Mind Eraser, you will quickly hit the repeat button to ride the rockin’ El Camino all over again.  
Review by libby munro
Ridiculously tasty and free of artificial flavours and preservatives, Tomarata Sensual Zucchini Pickles combine the freshest of ingredients just like the good old days.
Versatile with a whole lot of zing, Zucchini Pickles can be slid onto a slice of bread, added to a cheese platter or used as a condiment over a roast.
And did we mention it’s also gluten free? Presented in a beautiful glass jar, $7.95 will get you 210g.
Available at Jeffers Market, Shop 8a, Sunshine Homemaker Centre, 100 Maroochydore Road, Maroochydore, 5479 0468 or 1/14 Farrell Street, Yandina, 5446 8944 or
Teeming with lemons, verbena and cumquats, the Galapagos Large Triple Scented Candle’s aroma erupts the scent.
Handcrafted in Australia, this candle by Glasshouse Fragrances will deliver up to 80 hours of flickering, soft light and is the perfect way to set the atmosphere for a cosy night at home or a romantic dinner.
At $39.95, we’re big fans of it at salt HQ. Available at Giddy and Grace, Shop 2, 1 Maple Street, Maleny. 5494 3636 or
Turn a room or outdoor area into a beachside haven with this nautical-inspired Malibu Hampton Blue rug.
Not only will it instantly add a punch of coastal colour to your surroundings but this flat weave, NZ wool blend rug is soft to touch and a gentle treat to walk on.
Available in a range of colours and sizes, starting at $639 for 160 x 230cm, these rugs can be bought at Fae Rentoul Summer House, 2/3 Gibson Road, Noosaville, 5474 3900 or