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Six senses of spring 2010

spring 10

salt takes a fresh approach to the powers that we humans use to experience the world. We look at items that involve us to see, hear, smell, taste and touch and we’ve thrown in a sense of our own … feel .



AS HEART-WRENCHING as it is beautiful, Genova will take you closer to the inner workings of a family than you probably get in your own home. 
Joe (Colin Firth) is a widower and father to two young girls. After the death of his wife, he spontaneously decides to take a position as a professor at an Italian university. 

Moving his two daughters during summer to the sultry city of Genova, we watch the family grow, learn and unfold – all coming to terms with life without a loved one. The youngest, Mary (Perla Heny-Jardine), gives a performance of startling maturity. She effortlessly combines the innocence of her youth with all the gravity of her circumstances and seems to carry the film. And the elder sister Kelly (Willa Holland) has fathers’ hearts breaking the world over as they see what really goes on in a teenager’s life when nobody is watching. 

The subject is tender and the film is made with a delicate hand. Colin Firth and Katherine Keener (playing an old friend, Barbara) have a fascinating and honest adult relationship that touches on the difficulties of ‘moving on’ and of the tensions that underpin male-female friendships. 

Review by libby munro 


THIS SELF-TITLED and debut album by three-piece English band XX was met with universal acclaim upon release in August 2009 and has graced ‘album of the year’ lists by Rolling Stone and NME. This dream pop R&B album seems to majestically float into a realm of its own, despite being produced with a standard guitar, bass and drums. 

Hailing from South London, XX have drawn influences from artists including Rhianna and The Cure and have produced seductive, moody melodies. Throughout the album I got the impression that the songs had a sexual undertone with their soothing and uncomplicated sound. This is enhanced by the vocals of Romy Madley Croft as she effortlessly breathes arousal into the microphone while bassist Oliver Sim balances it with an almost ‘morning after’ tone. 

Stand out songs on this album are Islands and Crystallized, with their bland guitar slabs offering upbeat rhythm without breaking away from the album’s nostalgic feel. 
Available from iTunes at $16.99.

Review by andrew johns 


AS WE MOVE into the warmer weather, white wines are making a reappearance. Why not inhale and then quaff a local white wines by Flame Hill Vineyard titled ‘summersalt.’ 

Owner Tony Thompson says this drop “is perfect for drinking on a balmy afternoon. It’s an off dry in style, this viognier and chenin blanc blend features elements of tropical fruit and ripe stone fruit supported by a delicate lemony zest”. 

Here’s cheers! $18.50 – available at Flame Hill Vineyard, 249 Western Avenue, Montville. 5478 5920. 


HERE AT SALT we wholeheartedly believe in the quote ‘Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays’. Thankfully our friends at Organika in Noosaville stock a range of raw organic chocolate bars produced by Loving Earth. Devouring these blocks of liquid gold is a guiltless pleasure.

Loving Earth buys its ingredients directly from the indigenous growers in Peru and promotes the origin of the cacao on each bar of chocolate. The unique flavour of these chocolate bars is thanks to a single origin criollo cacao from Satipo, Peru. In simple terms, these chocolate bars are amazing! 

Available at Organika, 205 Weyba Road, Noosaville. 5442 4973.


IT’S NOT TOO HOT to don a pair of genuine Australian-made Ugg Boots. We promise your tootsies will thank you for it. Made from the best woolly jacketed sheep available, these Ugg Boots come in a range of colours and styles to suit the fashion conscious. Most are fitted with tough outdoor soles, so you can take your Ugg Boots off road.

Short classic indoor Uggs start at $135. Available at Libby’s Aussie Wool, Eumundi Square, Eumundi. Open Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday from 7.30am to 1.30pm or


Illustration courtesy of twigseeds studio,

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