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winter 15

IT’S TOOTH-HURTY AM and I’m desperate for some Nurofen.

Yep, the dreaded wisdom tooth. A wise woman (commonly known as mum) told me: “Book an appointment with the dentist.”

But dentist or day spa?

It’s no surprise I chose to book an appointment at Asante Spa first. An exotic day spa sending the mind, body and soul into a state of pure bliss?

Yes please!

And thank you, too. That’s what ‘Asante’ means in Swahili. Thankful I certainly would be.

Asante Spa owner Elizabeth DeVaux focuses on creating a tribal path to wellness.

Performed under candlelight, the unique spa rituals and treatments send you on a journey specifically designed to reconnect the body with its natural state of being.

Asante’s range of Li’tya treatments are inspired by the restorative, clarifying and invigorating properties of Australia’s native botanicals.

Based on ancient plant knowledge with modern healing principles, this holistic approach nurtures and supports.

In the nurturing hands of beauty therapist Zandrea Counter, my journey began with a traditional smoking and aroma ceremony.

I’ve casually practised meditation for a few years, for just 15 minutes after my weekly yoga class.

But until now, I realise I’ve never succeeded, never truly surrendered to my breath and let go.

Perhaps it was the rich, earthy smell, the chilled music or soothing, warm foot soak. I don’t know what it was or how it happened, but I do know it was a beautiful moment.

With my ‘to do’ list dissolved into the air, I could feel every touch and was able to truly surrender to the massage.

Zandrea’s warm hands loosened each muscle, starting with the pure essential oil blend, containing natural ingredients designed to calm – not that I needed help to find calm.

Then a refreshing sprinkle of body polish trickled on my skin.

Bringing back the warmth, Zandrea scrubbed the fine exfoliating beads into my back.

The ancient desert sea salt and native wild rosella were designed to relax and soothe tired muscles while delivering an anti-oxidant boost. It was simply revitalising.

I was feeling beautifully refreshed and raw, and Zandrea then applied the pepperberry pedi mask, a rejuvenating double action foot mask and exfoliant, designed to soften callouses and stimulate circulation. Locking in the hydration, she swaddled my feet in a hot towel. 

With my toes feeling the love wrapped in a warm hug, my senses quickly turned to my scalp. If a full body massage was a buffet, the head tickle would be dessert.

It was without a doubt my favourite part.

And to hit the pressure points, Zandrea used the quandong hair mask. With key ingredients of macadamia, coconut, quandong, carrot, hazelnut oil and other essential oils, it could actually be a dessert.

And just like that toasty feeling you get with the last bite of a piece of chocolate cake, dessert was finished with a warm turban wrap. But this meal doesn’t stop there.

Zandrea then moved onto the facial. She used a Tasmanian kelp hydrating mask, a blend of both calming and cleansing minerals, vitamins, oils and extracts.

With my feet, head and face cuddled in a warm, soothing cocoon, this was the definition of bliss. 

As I peacefully waited to blossom from the cocoon, Zandrea massaged my arms in a circular motion. The technique was adapted from the wisdom of indigenous traditions.

On the subject of wisdom, my wisdom tooth is coming through. In my completely Zen state of mind, I totally forgot.

I’m not saying my wisdom tooth pain was healed.

And I’m not preaching alternative medicine rituals.

But I did escape a toothache for two hours.

And if a pamper package has the power to do that, then I’ve underestimated the connection between the mind, body and soul: the power behind a spiritual path to wellness.

To completely surrender and immerse yourself in a state of pure relaxation is easier said than done. But after years of meditation, I’ve finally experienced it.

And for that, Asante.

WHERE IS IT? Asante Day Spa, Shop 5/7-13 Beach Road, Coolum Beach. 5446 5229 or

WHY IS IT SPECIAL? Asante Day Spa’s ‘Tribal Path to Wellness’ approach focuses on connecting the mind, body and soul.  Using indigenous techniques and natural products, it turns a treatment into a journey. 

WHICH TREATMENT WAS ENJOYED? The Li’tya Abuja Package. ($220) The treatment included a unique Li’tya smoking ceremony and aroma journey, Jiga Jina foot soak, back exfoliation and massage, foot mask wrap, Li’tya facial, hand exfoliation and massage and a Paudi head ritual. All enjoyed within two hours.

FINAL TIPS? Don’t need two hours to discover your Zen? Enhance the mind, body and soul in a one-hour body massage with the Li’tya Kodo. ($115)

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