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Beatrice Prost

Location: Noosa       08-Dec-2016 10:53:59
I would like to send you my deepest gratitude for the excellent article published on my exhibition at the Noosa Regional Gallery. It is not only a great representation of my creative work, but also a tribute to the magnificent region we are so lucky to live in.

Beatrice Prost

Location: Noosa       08-Dec-2016 10:53:06
I would like to send you my deepest gratitude for the excellent article published on my exhibition at the Noosa Regional Gallery. It is not only a great representation of my creative work, but also a tribute to the magnificent region we are so lucky to live in.

Dianne Clifton

Age: 53       Location: Currimundi       17-Oct-2016 16:54:30
I would like to comment on the high quality of your magazine - Salt. I read it from cover to cover. One of your reporters Jane Fynes-Clinton needs special mention as her articles have really drawn me in and made me want to investigate further - Salt Winter edition - "Second Chances". Amazing work. Well done to her and to you all.

Kristin Jones

Age: 32       Location: Golden Beach       11-Sep-2016 11:38:37
it was such a pleasure to take time to read SALT while enjoying a Lamkin Coffee (Sunday ritual). I was enthralled with your spring issue. I read it cover to cover... I was inspired by the creatives who try to doing things better...the Jason's of Surfmud...the gorgeous bespoke courset designer Santa Castro...the salty reality check of 'it's about time'...and reading about the whimsical and magical journey of Opal lover Barbra Heide...after reading a recent novel by Di Morresy on Opals, I was so drawn to this story... I love that indulging in SALT magazine adds the bread and jam to my soulful coffee on Sunday mornings!

Nic Kaboom

Location: Sunshine Coast       18-Jul-2016 16:05:34
I really enjoy this magazine and the articles. I'm all about supporting local businesses on the coast and I have found this a really good way to find out about what's going on locally.

Sarah Hansen

Location: Sunshine Coast       07-Jul-2016 09:57:38
Love this mag As a local I am amazed at how many things im yet to discover in this beautiful part of tge world. Salt uncovers some hidden little gems every issue

Jo McNaught

Location: Sunshine Coast       07-Jul-2016 09:57:02
I look forward to every edition. Fine quality in every way.

Kristine Ramsdell-Coleman

Location: Caloundra       24-Jun-2016 09:59:53
Love Salt. I have every issue

Cath Tolman

Location: Noosa       24-Jun-2016 09:59:09
Love this magazine and your competitions are always amazing !!! X

Heather Richer

Location: Sunshine Coast       24-Jun-2016 09:58:35
A great read and always gorgeous front covers

Leanne Gant

Location: Sunshine Coast       24-Jun-2016 09:57:38
Love this magazine I literally hang out for themes one each time. All the articles the advertisements the pictures well pretty much everything I enjoy especially with a good coffee so thanks Salt

Mandy Barrett

Location: Sunshine Coast       24-Jun-2016 09:56:19
SALT magazine is a spectacular publication! I look forward to each new season magazine and am like a hound dog seeking out my free copy!! Whenever we travel overseas, I always take some to give to the various friends we stay with, as its a great way of show casing the Sunshine Coast! Keep up the wonderful work on a beautiful and quality publication!

Dave Wood

Location: Brisbane       23-Jun-2016 10:58:40
Congratulations - this is one high class magazine! Keep up the good work!

maureen harnell

Location: Bli Bli       20-Jun-2016 09:14:38
Absolutely the best cover ever! Wave is so perfect. Like the contents of the mag as well, thanks

Noosa Heads Accommodation

Age: 35       Location: Noosa       18-Apr-2016 13:32:27
We've always loved your magazine. Great and helpful info. Always interesting and fresh.

That Little Flower Shop

Location: Buderim       18-Mar-2016 12:03:53
Thanks salt magazine for the very kind words in your Autumn Salt Magazine edition...we are very flattered smile emoticon Much love back to you xxx.

Belinda Brill

Location: Sunshine Coast       18-Mar-2016 12:01:22
Congrats Team just picked it up this afternoon, can't wait to sit down and read x

David Snell

Age: 68       Location: Bli Bli       15-Mar-2016 14:53:52
I am 68 years old and love reading good magazines. Salt Magazine is definitely the best and classiest magazine my wife and I have read and we always keep an eye out for the new publications. We have been living at Halcyon Landing in Bli Bli for 10 months and use Salt to get all the good places to visit, see and eat. It is a little gold mine. I just read the Winter 15 Edition this morning and because of the write up in Salt, we visited Pitchfork for lunch today. It was superb. Thanks to the team at Salt!

Prem Nilaya

Location: Sunshine Coast       15-Mar-2016 14:52:42
Top quality magazine with class art photography, packed full of delightful, most idyllic spaces for bliss visiting. I take a few issues of Salt with me when I travel overseas-to show fellow world travelers where is best to venture in the sunshine- our Sunshine Coast beaches and hinterland are top drawer, world class, as are our artisans and food producers.

Andy Graham

Location: Brisbane       22-Feb-2016 12:12:40
Hi SALT team with a dash of PEPPER too. Just a note to say my book prize of THE FLOWERS has arrived safely... a most beautiful coffee table book. Many thanks

Geraldine Priestley

Location: Sunshine Coast       14-Jan-2016 10:09:09
I just love this magazine gives so much to our local area and makes people realise what we have within hands reach which we would sometimes not know without this magazine great work.

Tiffany Jones Fine Art Gallery

Location: Buderim       10-Dec-2015 11:38:35
Wonderful to see our artist Antje Collis profiled in salt magazine's current issue with their fantastic story on her art & bubbly personality - a happiness that shines through in Antje's paintings at her "Just for Fun" exhibition on now! Thank you "Salt"!

Bee Eco Wraps

Location: Pomona       10-Dec-2015 11:37:01
Naturally buzzing, thank you for the beautiful article salt magazine !

Frozen Sunshine Iceblocks

Location: Sunshine Coast       10-Dec-2015 11:36:12
I was asked at the markets a few weeks ago what the story behind Frozen Sunshine was and my answer was: "it's our story". Husband and wife, three crazy kids and a decision to make something for ourselves. Now thanks to salt magazine our story is captured in print. No angle, no spin, just our story. We feel so honored to be featured in this beautiful magazine alongside other inspiring Sunshine Coast folk.

Richard Owen - Maleny Golf Club

Location: Sunshine Coast       10-Dec-2015 11:33:51
It's a fantastic edition and a credit to you and all the team at Salt. We have already had rounds booked today by some of your readers!

Sarah Roberts

Location: Sunshine Coast       28-Sep-2015 19:59:12
Loved being a'SALT'ed at our local The Grind while on holiday in Yeppoon. Great coffee, great read and great reach.

Corin Kelly

Location: Sunshine Coast       17-Sep-2015 17:41:02
Like so many of my friends and colleagues, I look forward to each issue of Salt and I appreciate so much your dedication to delivering stories of inspiration that value our communities and local resources.

Donna and Rick

Location: Noosa       14-Sep-2015 09:49:13
We love your magazine, and put them in all of our apartments when we get them.

Debbie Hamilton

Location: Hervey Bay       11-Sep-2015 09:26:24
Love the splash of pink on the bottom right hand side!!

Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival

Location: Coolum       11-Sep-2015 09:25:07
A beautiful issue, yet again Salt! x

Margaret Winks

Location: Sunshine Coast       11-Sep-2015 09:24:07
Have my copy of latest Salt mag. a fabulous read, just got to love the beautiful Sunny Coast. Stunning pic on it!!

Ros Klauke

Location: Sunshine Coast       17-Aug-2015 16:03:08
Love the Salt magazine in general... it's sassy, diversified, and profoundly exquisite.

Susan Jane May

Location: UK       10-Aug-2015 09:35:46
Just wanted to say I love your magazine! I spend January each year with my sister near Brisbane, we always visit Noosa when I'm over and your magazine is a beautiful reminder of my time in Aus when I'm back in the UK. Just liked your FB page so looking forward to seeing your posts too, thanks for a fab mag.

Prem Nilaya

Location: Sunshine Coast       19-Jul-2015 10:01:46
Top quality magazine with class art photography, packed full of delightful, most idyllic spaces for bliss visiting. I take a few issues of Salt with me when I travel overseas-to show fellow world travelers where is best to venture in the sunshine- our Sunshine Coast beaches and hinterland are top drawer, world class, as are our artisans and food producers.

Drew Neiht

Location: Sunshine Coast       08-Jul-2015 11:22:52
Great article salt magazine! Thanks for coming down and capturing what we are about!

Yenny Stromgren

Location: Tewantin       08-Jul-2015 11:19:46
Just read the (Meet The Designer) article. Very inspiring! Beautiful work!

Wanda Craswell

Location: Sunshine Coast       01-Jul-2015 16:14:48
Quite possibly the most gorgeous magazine cover ever. Simple, clean, and stunning. Well done

Phillipa & Ed Payne

Location: Sunshine Beach       29-Jun-2015 16:40:36
CONGRATULATIONS on reaching an exciting milestone in Salt’s thumbprint on Noosa! Bravo!

Laurren Gilliland - Sunshine Plaza

Location: Sunshine Coast       29-Jun-2015 16:38:59
Loving the 10th birthday edition – as always it’s a beautiful read.

Heather Richer

Location: Sunshine Coast       25-Jun-2015 07:29:36
Luv this magazine, one of your best covers...beautiful

Taia Jones

Age: 25       Location: Sunshine Coast       24-Jun-2015 16:26:26
Hello Salt! I live on the sunshine coast and have loved Salt Magazine for a while now. It's nice to know, I'm not alone. Happy 10th Birthday and here's to another 10 wonderful years

Rebecca Grisman

Location: Sunshine Coast       23-Jun-2015 19:35:42
Oh my, I am just reading your 10th birthday edition of Salt and wow, what a magnificent magazine it has grown into, in just a decade. Well done, all of you, what a team. You just keep proving how your commitment to quality matters. I am so pleased for you and for the Coast. Love it! Cheers, Bec

Tracy Naughton

Location: Sunshine Coast       22-Jun-2015 13:14:36
Congratulations @saltmag beautiful cover

Paul, Kristen and Rayna @ NY2K Jeweller

Location: Sunshine Coast       22-Jun-2015 13:12:10
"BLOW OUT THE CANDLES, WISH AWAY. YOU ARE THE SPECIAL ONE FOR THE DAY!!!" Happy Birthday Salt Magazine from Paul, Kristen and Rayna @ NY2K Jeweller

Jamie & Natalie - Frozen Sunshine Iceblocks

Location: Sunshine Coast       21-Jun-2015 19:26:44
Happy Birthday @saltmag! We've been reading your gorgeous mag ever since we moved to the coast 5 years ago. Looking forward to picking up the anniversary edition.

Bevan & Leah Langley

Location: Maroochydore       21-Jun-2015 19:24:54
To the Team at Salt Magazine, Congratulation on your wonderful achievement!! Your magazine has taken pride of place in our apartments for as long as you have been supplying and for that we have been extremely grateful! We too celebrated 10 years in May 2015 in our positions as Management of The Duporth Riverside, we can certainly appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into supporting our industry, through a changeable period. Well Done – we hope many more years follow for you and your team!

Marg Houk

Location: Sunshine Coast       09-Jun-2015 17:50:44
Thank you Salt Magazine! The family pass for the Sunshine Coast show has arrived and I was particularly delighted to see it also contained some food vouchers, what a great idea for families with children to feed ! Thanks a lot, the tickets will be greatly enjoyed.

Josephine Moon

Location: Sunshine Coast       07-Apr-2015 10:20:54
I don't think I could possibly be prouder than to be in salt magazine, one of the superior lifestyle mags on the Sunshine Coast, and certainly one of my favourites. And what a gorgeous cover for Autumn!

Abby Rose

Location: Sunshine Coast       03-Apr-2015 11:14:00
Thanks for the write up salt magazine. if you wanna know a little bit about how Abby Rose Bikinis started grab yourself the autumn issue of salt magazine. Lots of other inspiring stories to read as well.

Spicers Clovelly Estate

Location: Montville       03-Apr-2015 11:11:41
Very excited to open the new Autumn edition this morning to see one of our beautiful weddings.

Things Of Metal And Wood

Location: Sunshine Coast       03-Apr-2015 11:09:21
Love when #saltmag is delivered.

Rachel Bridger

Location: Pomona       03-Apr-2015 11:04:23
Just back from Tasmania and have my copy of the Autumn / Winter edition. Looks great and love page 12.

Ray Brown

Age: 69       Location: Toowoomba       03-Apr-2015 11:02:16
Great magazine. Article on page 54 autumn 15 edition by Penny Shipway, pineapples do not grow on trees as stated by her. Check on google.

Olivia Banks

Location: Sunshine Coast       31-Mar-2015 15:08:28
Got it and love it!

Deborah Thomson

Location: Sunshine Coast       31-Mar-2015 15:07:54
Just received my new Salt Magazine, congratulations on a beautiful edition !

Amanda Brooks Artist

Location: Noosa       31-Mar-2015 13:11:26
Just read the salt article online and I love it .thank you so much

Phillipa Payne

Location: Sunshine Beach       30-Mar-2015 11:56:53
Fantastic! Can’t wait for our copies here at Sunshine Vista.. My favourite Noosa magazine!

Topaz Paehua

Age: 18       Location: Caloundra       13-Mar-2015 20:29:35
Very creative, awesome local mag!

Helen Boyd

Location: Sunshine Coast       02-Feb-2015 08:55:43
Love your magazine -.great quality, wonderful photography - a lovely thing to have on the Coast. Thankyou..

Katy Kucks

Location: Sunshine Coast       23-Jan-2015 10:33:22
Lovly mag...beautiful photography

Clairy Laurence

Location: Brisbane       09-Dec-2014 20:11:20
You have recently done an article about my art practice in the latest issue of salt, I just wanted to say Thank you to the people I dealt with (Anastasia and Aaron), They did a really amazing job on the story and the pictures. I had not seen your Magazine before, but now I love it. Thank you again

Olivia Banks

Location: Sunshine Coast       08-Dec-2014 17:04:03
YOU ROCK salt!!! What a stunning issue I can’t wait to get my printed copy so I can run a salty bath and soak to flick through my fav mag! Such great features on our artists thanks again for your support of the Art Community.

Tina Graham

Location: Sydney       08-Dec-2014 13:04:28
Just had a look at the online article with the photo of Isabel Letham – looks great!

Dave Dawson

Location: Sunshine Coast       08-Dec-2014 13:02:16
I’ve just had a look at my article, it’s great! This might be my moment in the sun! Salt really is a wonderful magazine. Thank you and please pass my thanks to Belinda and Anastasia. Merry Christmas to your great team.

Sue Simpson

Location: United Kingdom       05-Dec-2014 06:53:21
Love your magazine Picked it up whilst out on holiday in July and now have to read it online! Keep up the good work.

Suz Drovandi

Location: Sunshine Coast       17-Oct-2014 17:04:37
I love your magazine and always look out for the new editions - I feel they're packed with great stories and loads of information... Keep up the great work...

Tracy Mackle

Location: Glass House Mountains       08-Oct-2014 20:19:57
I just wanted to email and thank the Salt team for the fantastic article about our fingerlime farm that went into the current magazine! We are totally thrilled with it. The magazine looks stunning as usual and I must say that both Aaron and Anastasia were so lovely to meet. We are extremely proud to be in such a fantastic Sunshine Coast publication and we wanted to let you know and thank you all again.

Brent Crosby

Location: Sunshine Coast       01-Oct-2014 18:02:16
We would just like to say a very big thank you for the advertisement in Salt Magazine. It is certainly a beautiful magazine and is a credit to all involved in producing it.

Alex Harris

Location: Sunshine Coast       10-Sep-2014 18:23:33
Dear Kate and Karina and Anastasia, Thank you sincerely for the story and lovely photos in the current edition of Salt Magazine. Much appreciated. I'm sure that will result in more sighting reports from the Sunshine Coast. xx

Nicole Croser

Location: South Australia       09-Sep-2014 17:08:12
Hi Ladies Many thanks for your feature on our top on page 90 – we love it and love what you do in your mag.. Look forward to sitting down with a cuppa tonight! Kind regards Nicole Croser Business Development / Marketing Manager Holiday Trading & Co

Carolyn Bates

Location: Sunshine Coast       17-Jul-2014 09:11:42
Dear Frances & Karina, Garry & I have just returned from our holidays to find the Winter edition of Salt waiting for us. I wanted to tell you how pleased we were with the article on Anton and Buddies. It was a great personal story that hopefully will get more people thinking positively about asylum seekers. The photos were excellent too. Thank you both. Sincerely, Carolyn Bates

Patricia Sheehan

Location: Sunshine Coast       27-Jun-2014 16:45:04
Dear Kate I just finished the Winter 2014 edition of Salt that I picked up in Monicaz cafe in Maleny today - I enjoyed it so much, thanks to you and all your Salt-y team! I was also thrilled to see the ad for Compass Institute in the directory pages. It made me decide that I WILL pursue my business idea, so that I can take out my very own third page ad in Salt in the near future. So great to see you supporting Compass! best wishes Patricia Sheehan ps. also LOVED the fashion spread!

Joy Hinckley

Location: Brisbane       25-Jun-2014 13:20:01
Love the focus on the arts in Salt. I think it sets you apart from other 'destination' magazines. Of course the Sunshine Coast has no shortage of arts and artists to feature. (Envy from a particularly philistine bit of Brissy!)

Jen & Derik

Location: Sunshine Coast       25-Jun-2014 13:18:11
Derik and I have received our copy of Salt magazine and were very touched by the article. It was a wonderful surprise, thankyou and all the very best with the magazine for the future.

Margaret Ellen Turner

Location: Caloundra       25-Jun-2014 13:15:46
Thank you SALT for the wonderful article about my painting in the Winter edition. You have done me so proud - I love the words and the images great stuff. :-)


Location: Sunshine Coast       25-Jun-2014 08:24:25
Thank you so much for the winter edition of your wonderful magazine! Received our copy this morning and will circulate it at Buddies meetings so everyone can get to read it. Loved the article and the photos – beautifully written and produced. Over the years there have been quite a few articles written and published on Buddies – mainly through the Sunshine Coast Daily – and all well done and much appreciated – but this one is definitely the best yet! So thank you again and pass on our thanks to any others involved as well.

Carol Hawley

Location: Sunshine Coast       24-Jun-2014 14:11:20
I have just received the latest edition of Salt and as always it is full of the most diverse range of interesting, entertaining and informative articles. The photographic and graphic work is spectacular and I was so delighted to see ‘What’s in a name’.

Judy Briedis

Location: Sunshine Coast       24-Jun-2014 13:39:56
Salt Magazine is the only magazine I read from cover to cover. It never fails to delight!

Clare Pateman

Location: Sunshine Coast       24-Jun-2014 13:38:57
Salt is awesome, Great to read, for all the info you will ever need. Fun around, from town to town, Markets to the races.. Best places to sit and eat, SALT is the Magazine that's hard to Beat!

Julieanne Andrews

Location: Gold Coast       15-Jun-2014 14:53:27
I just want to say what a great magazine. I viewed it online and loved all the articles, especially the recipes and local stories. I come from that other coast (gold) in qld but I must say your magazine certainly runs rings (sunshine) over any publication on our coast - CONGRATULATIONS.

Melissa Stannard

Location: Eumundi       10-Jun-2014 17:44:26
Thank you Salt magazine for being so freaking cool to run giveaways like this and for picking me for this one. I'm stunned. Blissfully exquisitely stunned.

Julie Schafer

Location: Sunshine Coast       10-Jun-2014 17:30:07
I picked up a copy at Spicers Maleny over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it – it’s a beautifully put together magazine – well done!

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Location: philip roy financial services       03-Jun-2014 08:59:57
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Monika Wilson

Location: Doonan       08-Apr-2014 08:51:04
Here I am, attempting to send a very big, electronic thank you and much, much gratitude for the lovely article in your latest edition of Salt. Everyone is commenting on it and saying how wonderful it is, and I’m sure that it will bring further good things our way.

Outrigger Little Hastings Street Resort & Spa

Location: Noosa       07-Apr-2014 09:17:13
Thank you. Another brilliant edition. We are thrilled to be involved and look forward to celebrating many more weddings in Noosa

Anne Harris

Location: Sunshine Coast       07-Apr-2014 09:13:49
Just wanted to say a huge thankyou! I am so thrilled with the article that you have put together. Have received a lot of positive feedback already, so it is very much appreciated.

Jordyn Archer

Location: Sunshine Coast       07-Apr-2014 09:11:54
Just wanted to say thank you for the story that was published in the recent salt magazine autumn edition. I’ve had a lot of great feedback.

Skye Howe

Location: Mooloolaba       01-Apr-2014 12:33:44
I just wanted to say a big thank you for my feature! I love it .

Nikita King

Location: Sunshine Coast       27-Mar-2014 08:11:27
We really love ur magazine, photo's, & story's . My favourite mag, & not just saying that either!!.

Deb Loughnan

Location: Sunshine Coast       14-Mar-2014 10:37:49
Lovely prizes..and magazine ..keep up the great work


Location: Eumundi       14-Mar-2014 09:56:21
Just wanted to let you know that 1984 was an amazing play!! It was chilling and powerful and quite unforgettable. Thanks again for the tickets and have a wonderful day!

Veronika Spicer

Location: Sunshine Coast       28-Jan-2014 11:22:20
The mag is beautiful and a pleasure to read, seems to get better with every issue.

broni hendriks

Location: caloundra       22-Jan-2014 12:17:12
love your mag. and look forward to it coming out.

Melissa Stannard ( gypsy Mel )

Age: 38       Location: Scarborough for now but heading up the coast to live soon       08-Jan-2014 20:27:13
When you reach the top don't forget to send the elevator back down for others. love this quote and thought I'd share it with you all for the new year ..we can easily forget where we came from or get too caught up in our own lives wants needs I think it's important to try to help out a little along the way even if only to smile share inspire. Loving the magazine and how informative it is but without being flooded with adverts and junk. Well done ;)

Erin Pyers

Location: Caloundra       10-Dec-2013 13:28:04
Another lovely edition of SALT magazine, I am loving the front cover.

Erin Pyers

Location: Caloundra       10-Dec-2013 13:27:41
Another lovely edition of SALT magazine, I am loving the front cover.

Patricia McAlister

Location: Sunshine Coast       09-Dec-2013 10:29:54
Thank you so very much for the wonderful article you wrote up on our organisation, Smart Pups for Special Needs Children Inc. It was an amazing and sensitive story, with great photos by Kate! Big thank you also for pushing our charity needs of funding etc. Knowing this article will be circulating the coast for some months means a great deal to us for awareness and hopefully more donations! This will also help with awareness for clients who already have their dogs. Hopefully patrons will be understanding and educated to the access for our dogs and welcome these families and their special dog. We have circulated the link on our Facebook (over 3300 likers) and some great comments are coming back already. Can't thank you enough! You are both mega stars to us!!!!!


Location: Maleny       05-Dec-2013 07:21:06
We received our copy in the post yesterday. This issue looks great. I wanted to say I was really caught by the cover photo. It is quite amazing & beautiful.

Kelli Robertson

Location: Maroochydore       05-Dec-2013 07:15:55
The mag looks great this month and the cover art is stunning.

Lisa Mills

Location: Sunshine Coast       26-Nov-2013 17:29:58
I love Salt Magazine - I think it's the best magazine on the coast.

Paula Nolan

Location: Sunshine Coast       14-Oct-2013 13:39:30
I love Salt magazine, as do all our customers and visitors to the shop....and I happily give copies to my friends/family who don't live on the Coast...just to try to tempt them to spend more time in this lovely, relaxing part of the world. Anyway, I recently had a much needed camping holiday on Moreton Island.....I set up my hammock, settled in with a nice cool drink and a copy of the latest Salt magazine...perfect peace....and just before I drifted off to dreamland I noticed that I had the perfect holiday photo waiting to be captured...and this is what I wanted to share with you...:) Thanks for all the effort that goes into sharing Salt with us..... it's something really special.

Andrew Mitchell

Location: Sunshine Coast       08-Oct-2013 08:05:26
I just wanted to mention that we went for the whale watching trip this Saturday and had a wonderful time and saw lots of whales with five day old calf's and would like to thank Salt Magazine for running the competition and giving us this great experience to remember forever.

Jayde Mills

Age: 39       Location: Redland Bay       25-Sep-2013 11:50:50
I have just read your email after receiving a wonderful phone call yesterday from Susan at the Sheraton Noosa resort. I just wanted to write to let you know how extremely thankful and excited I am to have won such an amazing prize! I couldn't believe I had won! I will be booking this wonderful dining experience with Peter Kuruvita to celebrate my 40th Birthday with my family and friends. Amazing! Once again, thankyou so much to SALT magazine for this wonderful prize, I am so grateful.


Age: 45       Location: Adelaide       22-Sep-2013 18:18:03
Thanks for my first edition of Salt that arrived in my letterbox and was very quickly read! Gives me my Sunshine Coast 'fix' until I can visit again!

Stockland Caloundra

Location: Caloundra       16-Sep-2013 10:31:57
I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say that the new edition of Salt looks fantastic. And out of the six boxed delivered to the Centre on Wednesday, almost all magazines are gone! They love them in Caloundra :-)

The Lakehouse Sunshine Coast

Location: Noosa       13-Sep-2013 10:26:26
Congrats on launching Lovestruck! It is lovely!

Shona McDonald

Location: Nambour       13-Sep-2013 10:17:01
I just wanted to thank you all for an amazing story on Organ and Tissue Donation in your Spring edition. You did a beautiful job covering this very important topic in a sensitive and professional manner, thank you! The magazine looks beautiful, I love the front cover!

Maria D

Location: Sunshine Coast       13-Sep-2013 08:46:17
I have just read your article about Chris Raine and his website Hello Sunday Morning. I am a HSMer and signed up for a 12-month HSM. I am now almost 9 months into my HSM and I can honestly say that it is the best thing I have ever done. HSM is not AA, as you rightly pointed out in your article. It's more of a support network for people who want to improve their relationship with alcohol. The people I have 'met' on HSM have been a tower of strength for me and for others who are going through the HSM journey. Chris hit the nail on the head when he started up HSM. The power of blogging with like-minded people cannot be underestimated. I feel supported and loved, without being judged. I think that is the beauty of HSM. I am now at the stage where I am scaling back my blogging on HSM, as I need to prove that I can stand on my own two feet, as far as sobriety is concerned. But I always know that HSM is there if I need it. Thanks again for a great article, and I thought yo

Stephanie M

Location: Noosa       12-Sep-2013 10:30:58
Cant wait to get my hands on a print copy. Xxxxx Looks great AGAIN


Location: Buderim       10-Sep-2013 16:37:20
Congrats on a great looking spring issue.


Location: Sunshine Coast       10-Sep-2013 09:59:14
Congratulations on yet another wonderful edition. The scope of your coverage and profiling of local personalities, businesses and places never ceases to amaze me. I really like the way you have been using the Picture Sunshine Coast image to engage your readers and promote interest and no doubt some interesting feedback. From the feature articles to the regular inclusion of recipes, fashion and art, Salt Magazine is truly a feast for both the eyes and mind! I wish you continued success with this and all of your future editions.


Location: Sunshine Coast       16-Jul-2013 19:41:17
Just a note to say a huge thank you for your beautiful magazine! I treasure each edition knowing the pages will ooze with health, vitality, freshness, 'food for thought', stunning page layout, warmth, happiness and a generous sprinkling of class and style! This is by far the BEST magazine I've seen that is free and I absolutely love it. Thank you for putting a smile on my face every time I turn Salt's pages.xo

Bre Ziesemer

Location: Sunshine Coast       13-Jul-2013 12:04:22
Love it!!! xxxxx

Lorraine Bird

Location: Tewantin       03-Jul-2013 12:57:07
Many thanks for opportunity to celebrate such a wonderful occasion with your talented staff & business supporters. We thoroughly enjoy your efforts to publish such a delightful coffee table magazine. They are cherished & we pass on past copies to U3A Library at Tewantin for other's enjoyment. Loved the articles on Boreen Pt. & the Noosa River environs.


Location: Sunshine Coast       25-Jun-2013 12:11:16
Thank you for the latest edition of Salt. I thought that the whole magazine was fabulous this month (as always) and I was really impressed with the article on the ‘Big Pineapple’ (Sunshine Plantation). The photographs looked wonderful and the one of Princess Dianne and Charles was really eye catching. The article itself was quite broad in coverage and was full of interesting and informative ‘snippets’. I was particularly intrigued by the account of the ‘Gympie Big Pineapple’ as I have often wondered about the connection when I have passed through the area and sighted it at the garage. Congratulations once again to you and all the great team at Salt!


Location: Noosaville       25-Jun-2013 09:23:36
I just wanted to say thank you again for the tickets. We had a great afternoon at the ‘Highlights Concert’ yesterday.

Linda McGrath

Location: Gympie       17-Jun-2013 10:29:35
Hi Kate. Firstly congrats on 8 yrs. Can't believe it has been that long. I just love Salt, but unfortunately it doesn't come over to the Gympie region. Is it possible to have it reach us here, or in the Mary Valley...Amamoor, Kandanga, Imbi.If I'm lucky, at times I find it at Kenilworth.

Rhys - Opals Down Under

Location: Palmview       14-Jun-2013 07:51:06
Well done and congratulations on Salt's 8th year. We're very proud to be a part of this amazing, well-presented publication.

Alice & Louise - Sinerji

Location: Sunshine Coast       14-Jun-2013 07:47:57
We received our little delivery of Salt today and just wanted to say thank you SO much. We love the work you have done and are so grateful to have lovely words and pics shared about us.

Rita and Osvaldo

Location: Sunshine Coast       13-Jun-2013 16:40:05
I just wanted to let you how great this edition is and how much I am enjoying reading it. Thanks for the great work you guys do.

Cathy West

Age: 42       Location: Sunshine Coast       23-May-2013 18:35:37
Giselle Ballet Tickets WOW thank you Salt Magazine it means so much to me, how exciting to win!! Thank you thank you thank you

Ellen Reiner

Location: Sunshine Coast       16-Apr-2013 19:44:15
I have enjoyed sharing and will continue to share your beautiful publication with my friends all over Australia and overseas because you present our region is it's best light!

Liz Capelin

Location: Cooran       25-Mar-2013 13:05:16
Love your magazine: such a good vibe and wholesome, inspiring articles.

Lorraine O'Neill

Location: Sunshine Coast       14-Mar-2013 09:08:09
With every new issue of Salt I find myself exploring cafes until I find a copy to read over a long cup of coffee. Being in the publishing business I am glad to see you still uphold the ideal of high quality - even though Salt is a free publication. Basically, this email is just to say congratulations on the quality of your magazine, as it is exceptional, and on Salts continued growth and success.

Kathy Gorring

Location: Sunshine Coast       01-Mar-2013 10:31:25
Really love your magazine, such quality print,fantastic literature.

Kym Foster

Location: Sunshine Coast       01-Mar-2013 09:49:20
I love your magazine and think you provide a fantastic resource for people on the Sunshine Coast (and beyond). I have found many new places to explore and products to try, thanks to Salt.

Ross healey

Age: 60       Location: Noosa       15-Feb-2013 18:47:11
I'm not usually into this type of glossy mag, but Salt is very refreshing. Great articles, fantasic photography and layout. keep up the good work and I look forward the next issue.

Karen Ryan

Location: Nambour       03-Feb-2013 22:13:09
I have just picked up your Salt magazine from a cafe in Nambour. I started reading it whilst enjoying a coffee and frankly was blown away by the content. So much so that I asked the owner where I could get a copy of the magazine from as I don't believe that I have seen it on sale anywhere. She told me that I could have the copy I was reading as they were delivered there on a regular basis. So I have brought it home for a good read and also had a look at your website and particularly your story.

Wendy Catlin

Location: Pomona       18-Jan-2013 15:44:58
I think SALT is an fabulous publication and read it thoroughly each issue. I also enjoy online Pepper...Keep up the great work! You represent the region well and with quality.

Rosanna Frizzo

Location: Beerwah       08-Jan-2013 08:49:54
I would like to thank you for the book prize, "Amalfi Coast Recipes". It was a pleasant surprise when I collected my mail today. The book is absolutely awesome with lots of fantastic recipes and full of pictures. My heritage is Italian and I am going to the Amalfi Coast in September this year, so this was the perfect prize. Thank you once again for hosting this competition!!

Art Nuvo Gallery

Location: Buderim       13-Dec-2012 09:39:38
Loving the summer salt edition. You have the best of Buderim art and food! Hungry Feel is hot on the menu and Carmen Hannay at the gallery is grateful for the wonderful coverage. Love what you do Salt!!!

Tamika Dinter

Location: Victoria       13-Dec-2012 09:32:13
Thank you lovely ladies at Salt. Yet another beautiful publication from your very clever team!!! xxx the team at Banana blue & Tamika.

Liz DeLuca

Location: Sunshine Coast       13-Dec-2012 09:31:48
I picked up my copy of salt over the weekend! Made a good read whilst at the beach - the weather was perfect for it!

Noosa Accommodatiojn

Age: 35       Location: Noosa       16-Oct-2012 09:31:43
Thanks Salt for a great magazine, and beautiful photography!!!

Emma O'Reilly

Location: Sunshine Coast       26-Jun-2012 09:56:00
LOVE the new issue, honestly I get so excited when the first copy arrives at work! I’m like a kid with candy! Its mine & no one else can touch it J Cover is really beautiful and really loving the new type very fresh & fun.


Location: Sunshine Coast       25-Jun-2012 09:49:46
Salt is wonderful! I think it is a beautiful magazine, from the thickness and quality of print on the paper, to the range of articles and photos. A little while back I had a query about moving to the coast and Claire was very kind and replied to me with lots of great information and articles etc, so thank you for that too!

Meleta Bailey

Location: Hunchy       16-Jun-2012 13:29:50
Claire and team at Salt thank you so much for our prize of 2 nights at Spicers Tamarind Retreat at Maleny. My husband Jeff and I have just returned from a very special couple of days away. From the moment we arrived a feeling of relaxation came over us, the grounds and buildings are beautifully presented, we took a couple of lovely peaceful walks in the gardens and down to Gardeners Falls, shouted ourselves our first ever massage pampering at Spa Anise which was heavenly, dined on the most delicious food at The Tamarind restaurant, thoroughly enjoyed our private balcony hot tub spa with wine in hand, had glorious breakfasts one delivered to our room which we savored peacefully with the birds that visited on our balcony. David and all the staff were wonderful making us feel very welcome. We had a once in a lifetime experience and have vowed to put a little bit away in a savings jar every week so we can do this sort of thing once a year to look after ourselves. Cant thank you enough Mele


Location: Noosaville       21-May-2012 12:06:07
I remember my first encounter with salt magazine. It encapsulated me with a heart warming story of a local man caring for an injured pelican. Salt is a special magazine that captures the heart and soul of this special place. Yesterday my friend and I went to the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow. I won a double pass through salt magazine. We were both in need of a good laugh and girls night out - thank you SO much we had a wonderful time. The show was awesome, the magazine's amazing and visually spectacular. We'll always remember our fun night out.

Andy McKellar

Location: Noosaville       21-May-2012 09:58:19
Many thanks, SALT, for the tickets to last night's Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow, in Nambour. Just proved that laughter really is the best medicine! Remember.... "the pen is mightier than the sword.... unless you are fighting someone with a sword...." -Bob Franklin.


Age: 29       Location: Just relocated to Maroochydore from Melb       12-May-2012 07:34:19
Stumbled across Salt's website when I was in Melbourne googling food sites! Salt was so helpful in sending me info about the Sunshine Coast prior to our move. I'm excited to finally be up here and be able to try all the tasty things Salt and Pepper write about! Yay!!


Location: Brisbane       01-May-2012 13:22:29
Just discovered Salt on a recent stay at Mantra Mooloolaba. What a fabulous magazine and so beautifully produced! Love the Sunshine coast, especially Noosa and surrounds. Have forwarded to one of my sons who is a chef in London - he will love it! Thanks.

Lyn Gardener

Age: 62       Location: brisbane       24-Apr-2012 17:31:16
Thank you Kate and Claire for the competitions which I enter regularily . I was fortunate enough to win the childrens book pack. One of my Grandaughters claimed the book " Wash Your Face with Orange Juice", and duly played the song over and over singing at top note. I now have the song firmly embedded in my brain. It is such a pleasure to see her enjoying reading, and thanks to Salt 2 new books , well now only one live on my boolshelf for grandchildren visits. Thank you again.

Andrea Briody

Location: Sydney       24-Apr-2012 08:40:46
I just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful time at the Sheraton in Noosa and would like to thank you very much for making it possible for me. It was such a surprise to win the prize. My partner and I flew up from Sydney during the week before Easter. The staff were most pleasant and we were lucky to be blessed with great weather and the company of my sister and her family who also spent some time in Noosa with us. Congratulations on your beautiful magazine, I still enjoy reading it and plan to take many more trips to the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland in the future. Actually my partner has been suggesting an eventual move to the sunshine state :) Thank you again for the great holiday

Tess Martin

Age: 62       Location: Coes Creek       02-Apr-2012 13:24:16
I just love the SALT mag. so full of colour and ripples of information. Love the visuals, photos and local knowledge. I was born in Nambour Hospital in 1949. As a small child I lived along the Beach Road at Maroochy. near the Surf Club. Reading SALT mag. is an adventure to me because the contents is loaded with local information and stories. There are so many wonderful people living in our nooks and crannies. So much talent on our doorsteps. Every issue is brilliant. Thanks SALT for gift.

Veronika Spicer

Location: Keniwlorth       29-Mar-2012 13:20:46
A very big thank you for your wonderful coverage in Salt of the Kenilworth Cheese, Wine & Food Fest, this is greatly appreciated by all of us.


Location: Cronulla       28-Mar-2012 20:43:07
Also look forward to delving into the new Salt Issue, we actually fight over 1st dibs in our house. Each read always takes me to new treasures on the Sunshine Coast.

Danielle Taylor

Age: 40       Location: Cooroy       28-Mar-2012 17:46:19
Thank you Salt team for another awesome edition. I was having a bit of a stressful day and got quite excited when I found a copy of Salt Magazine. Took it home, jumped in the spa and read it from cover to cover. Was so great that I couldn't put it down and as a result I ended up being very wrinkly!

Keryn McDonald

Location: LillipilliLane, Noosa Hinterland       28-Mar-2012 11:23:20
Love SALT magazine. I look forward to browsing through it's beautiful pictures and perusing it's interesting and engagaing stories.

Trena-Louise Lyons

Location: Noosa       26-Mar-2012 14:14:19
Hello to the lovely Kate and Claire, Firstly, please accept my sincere gratitude on behalf of Matt’s family and friends for the Golinski Recovery Fund Trust ad in the gorgeous new look Autumn edition. I’ve sent it off to his family and told them the value of the artwork and ad – I know they will be so blown away.

Karen Peace

Location: Maleny       26-Mar-2012 12:10:15
The new masthead font absolutely rocks and is very salt, no matter the season.

Kirsten Kelly

Location: Sunshine Coast       26-Mar-2012 12:09:18
LOVE the new cover of your mag. Strikingly beautiful and dainty, and those leaves look so crisp and crunchy! I love it. And new font is great. Have been to your website and that looks amazing as well.

Lizzie Warrener

Location: Mooloolaba       23-Mar-2012 08:37:28
It's an amazing magazine... my sincere congrats! First found it at Caloundra A&E and wondered whether anyone would see me remove it... (i didn't dare)... then tracked you down online... coming as i do from the UK, i have found salt to be invaluable for that 'local' information that you just don't get from tourist booklets... we're settled now on the coast and we will read the online version avidly... and access the paper copy where we can... keep up the tremendous work. You're fantastic :)

Gay Papworth

Location: Twin Waters       08-Mar-2012 16:35:32
I thoroughly enjoy reading salt and think it is one of the most beautiful magazines I have seen.

Meg Scott

Age: 45       Location: Flaxton       06-Mar-2012 09:13:05
Thanks for a lovely magazine.

Sue Vertigan

Location: Sunshine Coast       17-Jan-2012 16:44:51
I picked up a salt magazine the other day while waiting for our order at Point Cartwright Seafoods. I hadn’t read one for quite a while. I’d like to commend you on the current issue - I thought the content was great – local, interesting and relevant to our lifestyle on the coast - well done!

Danielle Taylor

Age: 40       Location: Cooroy       13-Jan-2012 14:11:10
Thank you Salt for such a great magazine and e-zine. It is always such a great read. Also, I was so excited to win the for the prize of a $300 gift certificate at the Hyatt Golf Course. Hubby and brother-in-law are wrapped (best Christmas present ever)!

Andrea Briody

Location: Sydney       13-Jan-2012 12:52:34
I found out about Salt magazine while visiting my sister and her family in Maleny. I love spending time in Maleny and anywhere along the Sunshine Coast. It's great to get new ideas on places to visit or products to try which are featured in Salt or through the Pepper e-zines. I was fortunate enough to be the winner of one of the many competitions that are run through Salt/Pepper and cannot wait to stay in the beautiful Sheraton Noosa Resort and Spa. Thanks so much to the team at Salt.

Margaret Winks

Location: Sunshine Coast       22-Dec-2011 17:01:51
I have lived on the Sunshine Coast for over 30 years, been living at Hervey Bay for a year and now back at our beautiful Coast (for good). What a wonderful area the Sunshine Coast is. I missed browsing the Salt magazine whilst I was away - Kate you do such a great job as editor. Have already pencilled in some venues and events to attend in the New Year. Salt is such a brilliant magazine to put on the coffee table, so many pick it up and find it difficult to put down, i.e. visitors and locals. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Julie Anderson

Location: Sunshine Coast       21-Dec-2011 16:31:11
Salt Magazine is my favourite Sunshine Coast publication. As a recent tree-changer, I am passionate about the region and its unique way of life, and I believe that Salt really reflects everything that is special and sacred about the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Anne & Anthony Everingham

Location: Eumundi       19-Dec-2011 12:12:02
We wanted to thank you for organising a wonderful gathering and lunch yesterday, it was great to meet some of the names from the magazine and others. Many thanks for the bag of ‘goodies’ and I was very lucky to score a bottle of wine as well.

Anne Brown

Location: Maleny       16-Dec-2011 10:42:06
Hi Kate, Just to let you know a woman came into the shop yesterday – had seen our ad in Salt (and decided that we looked like her type of book shop) so came down from the Coolum Hyatt. Spent $370 – we decided she was our type of customer too! Great feedback for us. Anne from Rosetta Books

Sue Gilmour

Location: Mooloolah       15-Dec-2011 08:09:08
Thanks for the copy of Salt and the photos that dont make me look like the local drug addict! Portrait of a River sold to a Melbourne couple yesterday and I have had great feedback from your article.

Heidi Burey

Age: 37       Location: Maleny       06-Dec-2011 15:15:15
I was just recently the "VERY" lucky winner of the 12 bottles of The Lane Gathering Sauvignon Blanc Semillon. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to share this wonderful drop with my friends over the festive season. Thanks so much Salt Magazine. Merry Christmas and keep up the great work you do.

Suzie Blunden

Age: 59       Location: Maleny - soon!       11-Oct-2011 11:56:20
My husband and I are new to the area. Building in Maleny, but staying in Kin Kin and Cooroy en-route. I discovered a copy of your great magazine where we were staying, and found it was very informative and interesting, as well as being a very classy looking magazine. One I will be putting on the bedside table in my new home for my Interstate visitors for sure.

Pauline Mc Lean

Age: 47       Location: 14 cliffdale ave deception bay qld       06-Oct-2011 08:29:17
thank you salt people for an absolutly fantastic magazine every time i go up the coast the first thing i look for is your latest magazine and i read it cover to cover ,the whale on this months cover is breathtaking, well done team

Carol Hawley

Location: Nambour       23-Sep-2011 09:26:43
Thank you for the email and copy of Salt Magazine, which is once again a wonderful credit to you all. The range of topics covered, the detailed information, quality of photography, layout and artistic presentation provide a truly enjoyable and visually exciting read.

Lesley Funnell

Location: Mapleton       04-Jul-2011 10:19:41
Thanks for the free tickets to the Hyat's Chef's Alfresco event last Sunday. We were unsure of what to expect but were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the food and the opportunity to sample many wines. We will certainly go to this next year.

Alwyn Green

Location: Currimundi       21-Jun-2011 12:50:44
I have just read the article in the last edition of Salt magazine. That would have to be one of the best articles I've read about the swim. The spirit of the event and what it means to the students, families and staff of our schools as well as the all the members of the Sunshine Coast community who support and participate came through very strongly in the photos and the text. Could you pass on my thoughts, thanks and congratulations to everyone involved. Alwyn

Auriol Hutchins

Location: Nambour       09-Jun-2011 15:59:29
Thanks for the opportunity of winning free tickets to 3 different events in last months's mag, 'cos I won the Soweto Gospel Choir ones. It was great to see and hear something different from what I'd usually attend and at the end they had us all on our feet moving (not dancing) and clapping!!! I was exhausted after 1 song - they must have great stamina to do 1 1/2 hours of it!!! I'll keep entering in the hope of winning something else that will give me a new experience and enrich my life. Thanks, Auriol

karyn lowndes

Location: Brisbane       31-May-2011 16:30:08
On your tourist information page (Autumn2011) a photo entitled backward glance appeared but I cannot the date and location on your website. My guess it is before 1950 and Dickeys Beach. Love your magazine.

Brian Jewell

Age: 52       Location: Coolum Beach       12-Apr-2011 14:34:00
Hi Kate, Just a short note to thank you for the great article on our house in the Autumn edition. The photography and commentary are of exceptionally good quality and it was a pleasure dealing with you and Anastasia. Well done Salt Magazine....

Amanda Jansen

Location: Mapleton       09-Apr-2011 19:05:20
I love this magazine. What do you think about promoting anti-cancer type thinking and behaviour? especially for women? The Cindy mcKenzie Gala event is in May. I am not involved with this directly-however,I work in Onclogy and Palliative Care. The Hinterland has such a positive vibe-there is a sense of peace and beauty that is healing. Your magazine reflects the underlying sense of artistry and creativity that is the hinterlnd.

Melissa Madigan

Location: Sydney       01-Apr-2011 13:13:09
Hi There Salt Magazine   My partner & I recently enjoyed 7 months living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast (in the lovely town of Woombye, where we built our home & had thougt where our life was going to be), unfortunately circumstances have meant that we have returned to Sydney (only 6 weeks ago) and I//we are definately missing the lovely calm & pace that we were only briefly able to enjoy.   I loved your magazine Salt & read it cover to cover (several times) and then even mailed it onto my mum who lives in Wagga for her to also enjoy reading. I can only commend you on what a great Magazine you have produced for the area & as we were only 'new' to the Coast, it was wonderful to be able to read about places to see & visit, that even people who live on the Coast were unaware of - I only wish I would have had more time to 'explore' & enjoy.   Hopefully we will be able to return to our home & the lovely Sunshine Coast, one day.

Amanda Morrell

Age: 42       Location: Buderim, Sunshine Coast       03-Mar-2011 14:39:40
Since becoming a "Coaster" 2 years ago I immediately became a Salt devotee, using it firstly as a source to discover more about the people, places and products that make this area unique, and now as a source of pride when I show people where and how we life advice? Add a pinch of SALT to your daily diet!

Bridget Thompson

Location: Sunshine Coast       14-Feb-2011 09:49:28
I cannot tell you HOW INSPIRED I feel after reading through one of your BRILLIANT issues from last year!!! WOW! I feel so proud to be part of such a talented, passionate and mindful community! How brilliant are some of the local projects, businesses and initiatives??! I cannot thank you ENOUGH for your magazine! xoxoox

Bill and Marianne King

Location: Horton Resort       13-Jan-2011 14:41:41
We love Salt and wait expectantly for the next edition to come out, we have copies in our Reception area for Guests and Residents to read or take away with them to read and refer to at their leisure, we also have copies in our holiday units which we are always replacing as guests “take” them when they leave, how terrific is that!! Thank you for producing a magazine which reflects the Sunshine Coast way of life.

Rochelle Bull

Location: Gympie       16-Dec-2010 09:23:54
Thank you for running the competitions through the year. Love reading salt magazine (and pepper) and reading the updates on Facebook. Keep up the excellent work, the publication is brilliant.

Nicky Norris

Age: 40       Location: Coolum Beach       14-Dec-2010 11:07:53
Another great edition of Salt and so appropraite to the Sunny Coast lifestyle. Each edition seems bigger and better than the last and so suited to all that we cherish in this beautiful part of the world.

David Sharpe

Age: 61       Location: Shelly Beach       13-Dec-2010 10:23:51
I like your magazine, it presents our region very professionally, however I question the astuteness of your Facebook fans in the ice cream survey. They missed Milano Gelati in Caloundra, absolutely the best product in Queensland bar none. They have won the best dairy dessert at the RNA show two years running and have walls full of awards in the shop. Absolutely original Italian product, no premixes, 110 year old family recipes and NO, I'm not connected with the business just one of a growing number of passionate regular customers. Regards David Sharpe

Lyn Carter

Location: Noosa       10-Dec-2010 14:18:23
I have greatly appreciated your superb magazines and especially, Kate, your articles because you have such an amazing gift with words! Also, I have very much appreciated your "going the second mile" in even including a personal thank you note to me with the most recent Salt magazine. Many thanks, Kate, for that little note and also many thanks for your magazines. The reason I won't be subscribing again is that I've discovered that Organika (where I am a frequent customer) receive a supply of your magazines and I will be able, hopefully, to get my copy there. With kindest regards, Lyn

Angela Bueti

Location: Kawana Island       10-Dec-2010 12:10:06
Just wanted to say congrats to Kate and the team for another amazingly gorgeous edition of Salt. The photography is just beautiful and the stories inspirational. Well done!

pip pfyne

Age: 51       Location: bribie island       09-Dec-2010 13:35:42
fabulous magazine, where can I buy one please

Helyn Lloyd

Location: Metzo Noosa Resort       01-Dec-2010 16:05:35
I personally enjoy reading the articles in salt. It helps to keep me informed about areas of interest and new businesses so that I can pass on information to my guests.

Glynis and Derek Clayton

Location: The Look Out Noosa       01-Dec-2010 13:31:29
We love getting the Salt magazine both for ourselves and to distribute to guests. All Salt magazines are delivered to our apartments personally by us and left there as long as we can. It is such a high class publication – we just love it! On Site Managers at The Lookout

carla morrison-walstyn

Age: 43       Location: adelaide       30-Nov-2010 21:11:43
well kate the time has finally arrived. we are heading to noosa.i have been reading your fantastic magazine since its birth. it was my link to noosa and what kept the dream alive. our family will now be able to pick up salt alot easier now and really enjoy those hidden places that you inform us about. well done to you kate and your team. your most loyal subscriber carla

Auriol Hutchins

Location: Sunshine Coast       11-Oct-2010 16:26:40
Dear Kate, I'm another of those bloody Kiwi's who live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast!!!! I have been here 3 years next weekend and I would like to tell you how much I love your mag. Every issue I have the good fortune of seeing just grips my attention. I wish I was 20 years younger and had some skills that could be put to use in the production of SALT. If only.......many thanks, Auriol

Shawn Marie Abrams

Age: 25       Location: Buderim, QLD       30-Sep-2010 18:17:55
Thank you to Kate and all the contributors for delivering such a valuable magazine. I have recently started up my own small portrait and wedding photography business and have salt to thank for five bookings received as a result of an advertisement in the birthday edition. Keep up the good work :)

Carol Hawley

Location: Sunshine Coast       28-Sep-2010 07:13:52
Just a quick thank you for the copy of your Salt Magazine- Spring edition. The article on shipwrecks on the Sunshine Coast is great and all of the photos look wonderful. I have shared the magazine around the staff table and as usual it proved a great talking point. Carol Hawley Heritage Library Assistant (Nambour) Sunshine Coast Libraries


Age: 58       Location: Brisbane       21-Sep-2010 16:18:36
Recently scanned a copy of SALT at Raw Energy in Cotton Tree and found it an excellent promotion of the Sunshine Coast. Don't know of any other publication that presents the Sunshine Coast lifestyle in such an impressive, glossy magazine that spans all areas of the Coast. Am wanting to send it to relatives interstate to show them what Sunshine Coast living is like.

Steven Tropp

Location: Sunshine Coast       16-Sep-2010 16:43:03
I just wanted to say that the new salt mag looks fantastic, you and the rest of your crew do such a great job and it is always an interesting and professional magazine that people love to read. Also thanks for the great ad position and other promo shots you put into the fashion pages we always get an amazing response from our ads and pictures.

Yvonne James

Location: Kenilworth       05-Jul-2010 08:16:12
Congratulations to salt magazine on it's 5th birthday. Keep up the great work of showing the rest of the world just how wonderful our little part of the world is here on the Sunshine Coast and its hinterland. Congratulations especially for including the hinterland in salt, as often we feel we are the forgotten part of the Sunshine Coast. The last two issues especially have been a great advertisement for us, especially in Kenilworth.Francesca and her family at the Kenilworth Bakery are so thrilled that you featured one of her cakes in your 5 great cakes on the Sunny Coast. Thank you, as you'll never know just how much that means to them, as they have been there only a year. To us the bakery is the best in Australia.

Vanessa Nippert

Location: Noosa       28-Jun-2010 08:47:28
Hello Kate, Wow, thank you so so much for the beautiful glossy photo of my mango and passionfruit cake, featured in your 5th birthday edition of your gorgous magazine. I have received a lot of positive feedback from readers around Noosa and in the hospitality industry! A lot of people are commenting on this edition as being one of the best they have read, so congrats to you and your team!

Fleur Anderson

Location: Theodore       22-Jun-2010 08:25:24
Hey Salt Just undressed you today - looking good! You've put on a bit of weight, looking very voluptuous and I like your spine! Will sit down and read you cover to cover tonight. Love your number 1 fan.

Tony and Jane

Location: Art on Cairncross, Maleny       18-Jun-2010 11:14:36
Just received our copy of the 5th birthday edition of Salt. It is a marvellous issue- one of your best and I hope you are really proud of it. Here’s to the next 5 and the next 5…..

Tony and Jane

Location: Art on Cairncross, Maleny       18-Jun-2010 11:14:04
Just received our copy of the 5th birthday edition of Salt. It is a marvellous issue- one of your best and I hope you are really proud of it. Here’s to the next 5 and the next 5…..

Tania and Eric

Location: Nambour       18-Jun-2010 08:26:36
Thanks heaps miss magic. You really get local business and your passion and enthusiasm lifts the rest of us. Makes me want to achieve more and be better.

Bill and Marianne King

Location: Horton Apartments       16-Jun-2010 08:47:07
We love Salt and wait expectantly for the next edition to come out, we have copies in our Reception area for Guests and Residents to read or take away with them to read and refer to at their leisure, we also have copies in our holiday units which we are always replacing as guests “take” them when they leave, how terrific is that!! Thank you for producing a magazine which reflects the Sunshine Coast way of life.

Bill and Marianne King

Location: Horton Apartments       16-Jun-2010 08:46:42
We love Salt and wait expectantly for the next edition to come out, we have copies in our Reception area for Guests and Residents to read or take away with them to read and refer to at their leisure, we also have copies in our holiday units which we are always replacing as guests “take” them when they leave, how terrific is that!! Thank you for producing a magazine which reflects the Sunshine Coast way of life.

edelmira fonseca

Age: 58       Location: argentina       03-Jun-2010 13:43:23
en realidad no la conozco a esta revista,pero la intencion es comunicarme con bre ziesemer para decirle que estuvimos en buenos aires en una plaza y mi nieta siempre pregunta por el nene australiano

Susan Brookes

Age: 53       Location: Noosaville       10-May-2010 10:35:57
The Quality of your magazine is mirrored by the excellent photography. A photograph of our boat, Lady Keppel, featured in the "Winding River, Wooden Heart" article of your autumn 2010 issue of Salt. What a wonderful surprise! Susan Brookes

Jessica Gilbert

Age: 22       Location: Maroochydore       21-Apr-2010 19:12:44
Love the mag, love the fact you are showcasing local talent and showing the more intimate side of the Sunny Coast. Congrats & keep it up :)


Age: 28       Location: Conondale       15-Apr-2010 15:59:20
Kate - I just wanted to let you know that I think the article that you recently wrote in Salt about the Mary River is excellent. I always find your magazine very interesting and colourful, you are doing a awesome job, seems to keep on getting better with age too ;)

Christian Nobel

Age: 35       Location: Eudlo       15-Apr-2010 09:21:58
Thanks for your great article about FROMART cheese in the Salt magazine. I had a lot of people ringing up and many customers at farmers markets in Noosa and Yandiona referred to it! So there must be a lot of SALT readers out there! And my kids love the article too, so gain, THANKS, well done!

Lucas Muro

Age: 27       Location: Mudjimba Beach       15-Apr-2010 07:31:31
Good morning all! I do enjoy reading Salt over a nice cup of Chai Late on our corner cafe nearby! All the local news on what´s happening around the coast. It´s a great communication channel for all of us! Well done everyone on putting together such a great magazine! Thank you all.

shannon garson

Age: 38       Location: maleny       31-Mar-2010 11:23:32
I love Salt magazine. Leigh Robshaw wrote an article on me for the latest issue and I thought the article (and accompanying photo by Kate Johns) really gave a true idea of what my studio and art is all about. Thank you so much.

Olivia Banks

Location: Buderim       30-Mar-2010 10:34:09
Hi Kate, Congrats on a great edition - I took it to bed to read it....excellent stories.....

linda Rossi

Age: 57       Location: maui, hawaii, usa       30-Mar-2010 09:27:57
first saw salt mag while visiting sunshine coast in 06 for a wedding...quality paper, great photos, informative articles and good tips on businesses like restaurants & shops!.. i will be visiting the sunshine coast again this may & june and look forward to utilizing all the useful info from SALT MAG! daug & son-in-law are on a year work visa on the sunshine coast and i am sooooo happy to be able to visit them & aussieland again....7 years ago,my daug & i lived in avalon (sydney) for 1 1/2 was delightful! till then, g"day mates....linda

Lyn Coxhead

Location: Mount Coolum       28-Mar-2010 14:19:04
Congratulations Kate on a classy magazine packed with interesting stories and beautiful photos.

Coolum Business and Tourism

Location: Coolum Beach       26-Mar-2010 09:06:36
Great magazine, and excellent feature in the Autumn Section on Coolum. The community has played a big part in shaping Coolum over the years and I think it's unanimous that you have captured the feel really well. Thanks!

Robbie & Kim-Leigh - Seacove Resort

Location: Coolum Beach       25-Mar-2010 14:57:54
Your magazine is fantastic and we look forward to receiving copies to circulate to our guests each season. Cheers...Robbie & Kim-Leigh

David Hillhouse

Age: 54       Location: Paddington Brisbane       13-Mar-2010 16:33:12
Thanks Kate,great mag,we have a holiday rental house at Sunshine beach and your magazine is perfect to have for our guests to read on holidays for local ideas and info.Thanks David Hillhouse.

Jill Guldbransen

Location: Peachester       05-Feb-2010 12:19:26
Good job again! From the very first issue you've had me with such unbridled energy and sweetest of vision. Thanks to all involved for setting the bar in publishing and being so real and enthusiastic, so professional and adept at dancing with the devil (ie it can't run on air), while always staying the people's angel. Kate and her team deserve every award and will "live long and prosper". Excellent to see it's web accessible and that works beautifully too. Salt could also be uploaded onto ISSUU - so a few million more readers can understand or love the Sunshine Coast and hinterland like you all do.

Di West

Location: Maleny       29-Jan-2010 08:55:11
How delicious is this magazine!? Even the feel of the pages is beautiful. I am a professional artist and was fortunate enough to have one of my sculptures featured in the Summer 2009/10 Edition in the Art Space section. A tourist took the magazine back to his home in Victoria, saw my work, rang the Gallery Eumundi and bought the work! It just shows that Salt magazine is a "keeper" and something to be savoured - congratulations to Kate Johns and her team for putting together a really lovely and quality piece of work. with thanks.......Di West

Wanda Gordon

Age: 60       Location: Faraday Victoria       29-Jan-2010 08:09:08
Yesterday I received the summer issue of Salt. Enjoyed it so much. It was like having a trip to the Sunshine Coast. The cover reminding me of the many times we had driven along the rim road after turning off from Landsborough. The photography throughout the magazine is excellent. So naturally I am looking forward to the Autumn issue.

Bre Ziesemer

Age: 28       Location: Bongeen       28-Jan-2010 15:09:46
Salt is truly an inspiring magazine. The editorals are well written and not pushing products but telling home grown stories. The magazine keeps me up to date with what is going on at my favourite desitnation, plus providing insight into all that is unique. It is hard to keep up with what is happening and new at the coast, I really use it as my little black book!!!


Age: 65       Location: SUNSHINE COAST       27-Jan-2010 10:24:10

Elizabeth De Vargo

Age: 53       Location: Clayfield       14-Jan-2010 17:16:42
We have a holiday house on the Sunshine Coast and the first thing we do it read our salt magazine to make sure we know what restaurants to dine out at, art galleries to see and good books to read.

Max Burlington

Age: 45       Location: Sydney       22-Dec-2009 11:52:28
Congratulations on a fantastic magazine. I always look forward to Bernard Salt's articles which are superb.


Age: 48       Location: texas       21-Dec-2009 09:35:39
love you vision's and magazine

Lily Evans

Age: 55       Location: Brisbane       19-Dec-2009 12:20:47
Dear Kate I love your latest magazine. It’s so newsy with very readable items. I have just finished reading the Steig Larsson’s third book ‘The Girl Who Kicked The hornets’ Nest’ and I was feeling a bit lost ---- but luck for me I found Salt. I read it from cover to cover. The stories are so readable and informative. The photos are world class – so creative. The recipes and pictures made me feel like a mid-night snack. Thanks for the enormous amount of work you and your team manage for each publication. It is much appreciated by all lucky enough to find a Salt magazine. Merry Christmas to you all! Lily Evans


Age: 53       Location: Sunshine Coast Hinterland       10-Dec-2009 17:48:02
Congratulations, your magazine goes from strength to strength. Loved this edition, especially the front cover. Keep up the good work, look forward to every edition, love your web site.


Age: 30       Location: Central Qld       08-Dec-2009 17:17:52
Love your magazine. We come to the Sunshine Coast regularly for holidays and the first thing I do is seek out my edition of Salt and plan my days by the beach!

Sunshine Coast Website Design

Age: 39       Location: Coolum Beach       04-Dec-2009 12:29:32
Great magazine. Great website.
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