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Lynne It feels like many moons ago that Angus Johns (a former farmer) and his daughter Kate (a photojournalist with an ache to start a magazine) first started doing the rounds to business owners, hotel managers, adventure specialists, tourism advocates and anyone else who would listen to them talk about a magazine that was to be like no other on the Sunshine Coast. They had nothing tangible to show potential advertisers, however they preached with unabashed passion about a magazine that would be called salt – a name picked for its simplicity and symbolism of the essentials of life. They explained that salt would never have advertising or cover lines on her front or back, only a panoramic landscape image of our Sunshine Coast and she would sport a map at the back so that our readers would be compelled to explore every nook and cranny of the region.

As for her interior, they explained that salt's articles wouldn’t feature famous personalities nor articles on our advertisers. We would write about the snail farmer at Boreen Point or the fourth generation surf life saving family at Sunshine Beach, the trawler skipper who braves the ocean elements or a kayak trail up the Maroochy River.

They also explained the decision to not accept holiday accommodation advertising so that salt had the advantage of directly captivating and charming visitors staying in holiday rooms along the Sunshine Coast. This made her mighty attractive to potential advertisers.

Initially, some of the comments were disheartening. “Not another magazine,” said one; others said: “salt, where is the pepper?” and “you have to sell advertising on the back cover. That’s what magazines do”.

Happily, belief from a handful of supporters was enough to rocket salt, with her fine photography and stylish stories, into the hands of tourists and locals on the Sunshine Coast in winter, 2005.

In the early days, she was quite bashful about her beliefs and physical appearance but now, thanks to bucket loads of compliments from near and far, she's grown into confident lass who holds her head high.

Now many years on, she still firmly believes that salt-of-the-earth people are captivating and intriguing to feature and photograph, and that setting the pace is the way forward.

She never dreamed that she would have captured the hearts and minds of local Sunshine Coasters and is chuffed to have their tick of approval along with that of the wonderful visitors who choose the coast as their holiday destination.

From little things, big things certainly grow.

In 2015, Lynne Delany bought salt magazine from Kate and Angus. Having lived on the Sunshine Coast since 2008, she’d always loved and admired salt and wanted to retain her integrity, not letting her be altered in any way.

Born and raised in outback NSW, honesty and sincerity is integral to Lynne’s way of life and salt has that in every turn of the page. Her son Cody will hopefully join the business when he has completed school and university – a nice passing of the baton from father and daughter to mother and son.

We hope you enjoy reading our salt-y creation with eyes wide open and arms outstretched. At its core, salt is a celebration of the good things in life in the piece of paradise that is the Sunshine Coast.

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